“Follow conservation to save future generation.”

Sustainable Solution to Avoid Deforestarion

Since time immemorial, the Guna Indians (Guna´s) and the people living in Colón (Coloneses) have lived and worked side by side in the border areas of their Provinces. However, between 2007 and 2012 de Guna Indians have deforested a large area of rain forest outside the Guna Yala Province. The Fundación Alianza Caribe in collaboration with local land owners has initiated an open dialog between the leaders of the Guna Yala Province (Cacique and Sailas) in order to exchange ideas to avoid more deforestation and discuss a constructive and sustainable solution for all stakeholders. At the end of more than 10 meetings during a period of 4 years the situation has been settled and all parties are content with all the proposed solutions.