“Isle Escudo de Veraguas has been designated as a protected area.”

“Escudo de Veraguas” Cleaning Program

Since a few years the amount of tourists visiting the amazingly beautiful island of Escudo de Veraguas has already left its ecological imprints. Although most tour operators are trying to educate their clients about the local sustainable and ecological principles and guidelines, many tourists do not live by these principles and still leave garbage behind and disturb the vulnerable flora and fauna on the island.
The disappearance of the emblematic and endangered Pygmy Sloth is one of the sad results of this lack of nature conservation in the island. The Fundación Alianza Caribe is currently in the process of initiation the “Foundación Protección Escudo de Veraguas” in order to establish a PPA (Private Public Association) platform between the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente) and private individuals and institutions to maintain the island, clean the beaches and protect the flora and fauna.