“Food Assistance programs during the COVID-19 quarantine.”

Corona Food Bags​

When supply chains break, the most vulnerable still need food to survive. The Fundación Alianza Caribe will distribute as much food bags as possible to those families living in areas in need, changing thousands of lives despite the virus.
The situation at the Caribbean Coast of Panama is critical. Most families have to stay at home during the quarantine, have no work, no money, no savings and therefore no food. Most of the areas are hard to reach and some areas are completely inaccessible. It seems the government is not able to reach a helping hand to those families living in the small villages on the Caribbean Coast. Hundreds of people are desperate and don’t know how to survive, a number set to rise further in the coming days and weeks.
Therefore, FAC has organized a collaborative platform of individuals and public and private institutions to purchase and distribute thousands of food bags on a monthly basis to the most vulnerable living in and around the small coastal villages on the Caribbean coast.
During this time of global emergency, Fundación Alianza Caribe will reinforce inventories across its three areas of focus (Costa Caribe de Veraguas, Costa Abajo de Colón and Costa Arriba de Colón), to be ready to distribute food when and where needed.

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