“Caribbean Coconut Oil”
An Effective and Safe Antiviral Agent against Coronavirus!

Coconut oil Helping & Healing program

Due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 the entire country is in lock down. This situation has devastating social, health and economic consequences for the people living in these remote and vulnerable communities. People are locked up in their houses, without a weekly paycheck, without savings, without food and most important without a social and economic framework to support them in times of crisis. Urgent help is required!
“Get healthy, helping others!”
To provide immediate assistance, food and basic necessities to the local families, Fundación Alianza Caribe has initiated a unique project called “Get healthy, helping others!”. This initiative offers a win-win for everybody:
  • It helps the local people on the Caribbean Coast with the promotion, sales and distribution of the only resource that is currently available; “100% Organic Coconut Oil”.

  • It provides people in the rest of the country the opportunity to protect themselves, their families and their friends (especially during this corona crisis) by consuming one of the healthiest “super foods” with an enormous amount of anti-viral nutrients and anti-oxidants.
Anti-viral effect of coconut oil

Coconut Oil is one of the world´s “Super Foods” and contains the important nutrients “Lauric acid (C12)” and “Monolaurin”. Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid which makes up about 50% of coconut oil. Monolaurin is a metabolite that is naturally produced by the body’s own enzymes upon ingestion of coconut oil.

Numerous studies at the Unive rsity of Manilla in the Philippines have shown that the A ntiviral activities of Coconut Oil in the human body:
  • Disintegration of the virus membrane.
  • Inhibits virus maturation.
  • Prevents binding of viral proteins to the host cell membrane.

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Affordable and Virtually Risk Free, and the Potential Benefits are Enormous.

450 ml (16 oz)

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