“La Granja Orgánica.”

Agricultural Cooperation

In collaboration with land owners in Costa Caribe de Veraguas the Fundación Alianza Caribe is preparing the project called: “La Granja Orgánica”, which encompasses the implementation of innovative agricultural production methods.
La Granja Orgánica is a long term collaborative project between volunteers, local farmers and agricultural experts to build an organic farm with a large variety of fruits, vegetables and life stock for food production for local communities and for restaurants they cater to the tourists visiting the area.
Our innovate farming methods include vertical farming, permaculture farming and blockchain based transactions, coordination and distribution. Drones with infra-red cameras will be used to measure the quality of the crops, situation of life stock and irrigation status. This organic innovative way of farming leads to a higher quantity and quality yield production per hectare and should function as a show case model for other farms in the region, that in some cases still practice old fashioned slash and burn methods.