“All lives have equal value”
is not just a principle;
it’s a strategy.

Fundación Alianza Caribe is operating on the stunning Caribbean Coast of Panama, an area with tremendous natural and cultural value. The untouched rain forest, abundance of wildlife and amazingly friendly and humble local indigenous people are its greatest asset. Due to new infrastructure projects most of the region will soon be opened up for eco-tourism development.

However, structural regional unemployment and poverty have led to increased pressure on the surrounding tropical rainforest resulting in deforestation and illegal hunting of wildlife. The new infrastructure increases the risk that people will scale up these unsustainable practices.

The Fundación Alianza Caribe is a non-profit foundation and funded in 2007 with the mission to build a platform through strategic alliances with like minded individuals and institutions, aiming to help to local communities with the implementation of sustainable and innovative tourism, agricultural and educational projects and solutions in order to improve their living standards and create long term employment that provides an alternative source of income, with the ultimate objective to conserve this amazing virgin tropical rainforest and its biodiversity.

Maintaining & Restoring Habitats
Maintaining & Restoring Habitats
Maintaining &
Restoring Habitats

Fundación Alianza Caribe manages the conservation and protection of a Private Wildlife Reserve, located on the Caribbean Coast of the Provinces of Veraguas, covering some 2,500 acres and bordering over 5 kilometers of pristine beach front. The Wildlife Reserve functions as a buffer zone between the new road to the Caribbean Coast and a large area of unprotected primary rainforest. Jaguars, pumas and ocelots still roam around the Reserve and different species of marine turtles lay their eggs on its beaches.

Collaborative Conservation
Collaborative Conservation

Fundación Alianza Caribe is doing all of the work in collaboration with grantees and other partners, who join with us in taking risks, pushing for new solutions, and harnessing the transformative power of science and technology. We strive to engage with our grantees and partners in a spirit of trust, candid communication, and transparency. Our collective efforts also depend on the support and resources of governments, the private sector, communities, and individuals.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility​

Meet our team

The success of our projects is the result of the dedication and efforts of our Founders, Team Members and Ambassadors.



”I have always been inspired by nature and foreign cultures. As Founder of the Foundation it’s a blessing to have this unique opportunity in life, to conserve this amazing tropical rain forest with its enormous bio diversity and at the same time, to improve the be wellbeing of the families living in the communities along the Caribbean Coast.”

Frederik Heida


“With a professional background as a designer and ICT engineer it is my passion, as one of the Founders, of the Foundation to create and develop innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of community support and nature conservation.”

Gabriel Barragan


”My passion is bringing people together that share the same ideas and objectives. By creating strategical alliances with likeminded people and institutions I fully support the social and nature conservation objectives of the Foundation.”

Walter Alvarez


”I am passionate about technology and wildlife. Being able to link both magical worlds can be realized with the Foundation. I am passionate about creating a sustainable circular economy.”

Nicole Espina


Panama is one of the most advanced economies in the region. However, it is among the most unequal countries in the world. I am a founder of a family Real State firm and a business and financial consultant, I am genuinely convinced that empowering communities and preserving nature it is the right path towards communities sustainable development. Therefore, the work the foundation is doing to provide communities with the right sets of skills and education to graduate from poverty; it is remarkable. This is why I become part of Fundacion Alianza Caribe. Because “alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much!.”

Alvaro Boyd


As Ex President of Acobir in Panana (two times), ex vice president of Cila, Comissioner of the Technical Board of Brokers for 5 years, Vice president Fiabci Americas I aim to support the Foundation with a strong trajactory and ample personal network. ”I am also eager to support the sustainable development of the communities along the Caribbean Coast and help to improve the quality of life of many local families.”

Corrin Skubin


”As a former Peace Corps Volunteer on the Caribbean coast, living and working with the indigenous communities since 2003 is a passion of mine and has become part of my life’s work. Founding an NGO in Panama in 2007, I have focused on working with communities on sustainable development projects. Coupling this passion with my real estate career I have brought investors together with native communities to help improve living conditions and conserve nature. Thrilled to be part of this mission!”

Alejandro Loring


”I believe that the future is integrating technology and nature to create a sustainable healthy and tranquile life for humankind while maintaining the essence of what was built by Mother Nature. The fusion of water, land, life and positive human intelligence are the key factors to our success.”

Daniela Ochoa


Lawyer, specialized in human rights with the OEA (Organization of American Estates). ”Passionate about mother nature, its benefits and protection. Dedicated to neuroscience, the healing and comprehensive development of children and adults, new education and throught conferences on development of awareness and responsibility in our mental and emotional health.”